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Custom Knitting for all your Industrial Needs! / Tricot personnalisée pour tous vos besoins industriels!

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Who we are

Cottonia has been supplying industries with specialized knitted and fabric solutions for over 40 years. We continue developing our product offering to satisfy our customers' business needs and today, Cottonia does much more.

Cottonia is committed to innovation and to 'being green' and to improving our natural environment. We help our customers become more environmentally responsible and empower them to extend this choice to their customers. All our product lines meet industry and regulatory standards and requirements, while remaining affordable, practicable solutions. Find out how we can help in your industry:


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What we offer

  • Meat and Food Processing Industry Products

    Ham, Turkey, Chicken & Beef nets; Carcass Bags; Sink and Drain Filters; Knitted products for cooking and draining (e.g. Broth production); Grain and produce bags; Disposable Lab Coats, Coveralls, Uniforms, Robes, shoe covers, hairnets etc. and much more...

  • Bedding & Furniture

    Mattress and Pillow Scrims; FR Barrier Fabric; Mattress Covers; Cushion Covers; ... and more.

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Some of our Products...

  • Elastic Netting Elastic Netting
    Made from polyester-wrapped rubber nylon cores. These elastic nets are perfect for preparing sausages…
  • Stockinettes Stockinettes
    Our stockinettes are all CFIA and FDA approved. We manufacture them in a variety…
  • Mattress Socks Mattress Socks
    Whether you're looking for single-jersey knit scrims for your mattress or pillows; or for…

Some of our Solutions...

  • CFR1633 Testing & Certification


    The dangers of faulty FR fabrics. Today's mattresses are often simple constructions. This is not to say that they are inexpensive or even less effective than spring mattresses for instance, which involve a metal frame structure, coils, batting, filling, foam, quilting and finishing. The science of sleep has advanced since the advent of box spring mattresses and today's mattress design, speaks to that advancement. Made of single, pure adaptive materials, modern mattress manufacturers seek only the best materials for their mattresses (like memory foam) and then require the least amount of separation between the sleeper and the mattress substrate. This means mattresses are made primarily of latex and memory foams, and sometimes ONLY of latex and memory foams, covered only by a prefabricated zippered cover, so that the customer gets the best sleeping experience. Now whereas the batting, and quilting added to the FR properties of the mattress, the new mattress construction no longer possesses these elements. To make matters worse, these new 'intelligent' foams, like latex and memory foam, are much denser than regular polyurethane foam, which makes their fuel load all the much higher. In such cases, a proper fire barrier product is essential to guarantee CFR 1633 certifications.

    Watch a video of a fire barrier known to pass CFR1633 testing on a regularly formulated mattress; and watch it fail when it is tested with a simple mattress construction: foam and non-FR plastic vinyl cover that melts and drips. 


  • Meat and Food Processing Industry Products

    Food Processors and Meat Packers make up a significant portion of our business and our strategic product development. That's why we are dedicated to working with industry partners in discovering and developing new solutions to meet their business needs. All our products are FDA and CFIA approved.

    (See our Online Product Catalog for our Meat Industry Partners)

  • Bedding & Furniture

    We supply mattress and furniture manufacturers with their production and packaging needs. Our knitting machines produce mattress, pillow and cushion foam covers on a roll (or cut to your specification) in single-jersey, double-knit and varied other stitches in various diameters.

    Watch the video here: Foam Cover Video. Download the brochures: Mattress Scrims, Cushion Covers, FR Barrier Fabric.

    Watch a sample CFR1633 certification test here.


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