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Written by  2013-06-03

Carcass Bags

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For Hams, Beef, Poultry, Game (Moose, Deer, etc) Horses, etc.

Made from non-woven materials, our FDA and CFIA approved Carcass Bags are ideal for protecting meats during transport. Our patented design with a laminate backing ensures the breathability of your meats while protecting it from the environment and protecting your production and transport environments from blood and fat and other spill and run-offs.

All our carcass bags are water-proofed (blood and fat runoff will be contained in the bag during transport and prevent any spillage or dirtying of the vehicle). These carcass bags protect your meat from dust and dirt, and your trucks and facilities from blood.
Available in (inches) :
30 x 40
40 x 30
40 x 40
60 x 30
60 x 40
30 x 70
60 x 70


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